Transform Your Leadership Practice with Reflective Feedback

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Transform Your Leadership Practice

with Reflective Feedback


Tuesday, October 12, 2021
6 p.m. - 8 p.m. ET
Sychronous workshop with pre-work assignment.
Zoom link will be provided separately.
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Feedback is key to improving performance. Yet, many managers struggle to deliver feedback that is useful AND relationship affirming. How well do you manage giving and receiving feedback? Are you clear? Do people leave conversations with you feeling better or worse about your relationship? Is there a way to be clear and direct that doesn’t leave people feeling scolded?

This workshop teaches the nuts and bolts of effective feedback in a hands-on, experiential way. Utilizing video-feedback coaching, we will examine how we show up in real-time, exploring the discrepancy between what we intend and what we actually do. Learning these patterns will enable us to understand the mindset and skills needed to be an assertive, yet collaborative leader, while not sacrificing our objective or point of view. Whether you are currently in a managerial role, or aspiring to enter one shortly, this seminar will equip you with actionable tools to enhance your relationships with both your manager and direct reports.

Intended Outcomes:

  • Participants will learn the mindset and skills needed to successfully share their point of view and hear others
  • Participants will understand the difference between reflective and reflexive communication and unlearn common patterns and pitfalls of reflexive communication
  • Participants will self-identify their implicit feedback style and its limitations

This workshop is structured as a synchronous 120-minute session with pre-work assignment to be done individually. Pre-work will be sent to registered participants one week prior to the workshop.

This workshop is part of Phillips Pathway for Inclusive Leadership (PPIL), focusing on the essential inclusive leadership skill of Managing Intercultural or Multiple Identities and Having Sensitive Dialogues.This event is also part of The Leadership Co-Curricular Series under the auspices of The Reuben Mark Initiative for Organizational Character and Leadership.

October 12th, 2021 6:00 PM through  8:00 PM
United States